ABC Animal Spin Resources for Parents and Teachers

Playing ABC Animal Spin on its own is not the only way for children to enjoy learning with the app. Adults taking an active role in playing with the app with children can provide an even richer educational and personal experience. Parents and teachers have shared with us ways in which they have used the app with their children. We would like to share some of these tips with you.

ABC Animal Spin Song

Start off each learning session by singing the ABC Animal Spin song together. Kids enjoy singing along to the song as they watch the wheel spin. The repetition of singing the song at the start of each playtime helps with recognizing the letters and their sequence in the alphabet.

If you'd like to have a copy of the lyrics in front of you to help lead the children in signing, you can download a PDF of the lyrics. You can also download a list of the animals' names.

Both of these documents are also available with Japanese translations: lyrics with Japanese translation, animal list with Japanese translation.

Create Your Own Questions

The built in quiz mode is a great way for more advanced learners to challenge themselves on their own, but you can use the app spinner as a way to interactively create questions for beginners. For instance, you can ask the child questions, such as "Can you find the letter X?" and have the child manually turn the spinner to the letter they think is correct. You can choose letters randomly to quiz the child or purposely challenge the child by choosing the letters you know they could use some more practice on. When asking children to find a letter, we recommend setting the app to either the "Animal Name Mode" (blue button) or "Animal Sound Mode" (yellow button) before asking questions because these modes do not speak the letter name as the wheel is spun (therefore not giving away the answer as the child turns the wheel).

Name The Letters

Another way to play with the app together is to have the child (rather than the app) say the letters for you. Set the app to the "Animal Name Mode" (blue button) or "Animal Sound Mode" (yellow button) and have the child give the wheel a spin. When the wheel stops, ask the child to tell you the name of the letter. This is a good way to practice letter recognition and proper pronunciation of the letter. A variation of this method is for you to manually turn the spinner to a letter and ask the child to identify the letter. This is a good way to quiz them on specific letters. Another variation is to ask the child to identify the sound the letter makes by asking a question like "What sound does S make?" and have them sound it out.

Play The Complete Sentence

Pressing the circle in the center of the spinner with the animal in it speaks a complete sentence including the letter, animal name, animal sound, and phonetics. Encourage children to press the center and listen to the full sentence as a review. This is also an opportunity to have the child practice sounding out the phonetics.

Make Up More Games Using The Spinner

We've found that kids enjoy using their imagination to make their own games that use the ABC spinner. For instance a group of children decided to play "Zoo". Each child took turns spinning the wheel and whatever animal it landed on they said was in their own zoo. Games like this are fun on their own for the kids of course, but you can also supervise such games to add additional educational value. For instance, in the game above, you could have each child try to remember the letter of each animal they add to the zoo and on each turn tell everyone the letters and animals they have in their zoo. The spinner can also be used as a way to randomly choose an animal to draw or to act out. As you know children have wonderful imaginations, encourage the children to use and enjoy them!


We hope these tips are helpful for you and your children. We enjoy hearing about the ways in which our apps are providing fun learning experiences for children. If you have any stories, tips of your own, or feedback on our apps, you can contact us at Thank You!



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